Artificial Intelligence

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Thanks to the advances that artificial intelligence (AI) has made in recent years, we can add the impressive ability to perform unimaginable tasks to your system.

AI VIDEX provides the very latest know-how for those implementing the rapidly evolving range of applications that require deep learning, machine learning, or computer vision solutions.

With new algorithms and new technology with many totally novel applications and products appearing every week, AI has become a “must-have” in certain products such as video-based devices.

We are mainly focused on Edge AI using FPGA, MPSoC (Zynq), Adaptive SoC (Versal), low-power and low-cost devices, and embedded platforms such as Raspberry PI compute module, Jetson Nano, Avnet Ultra 96v2 (Xilinx FPGA), or Kria, among others.

AI Edge Advantages

Adding intelligence to your products


We want to turn artificial intelligence into something real and tangible that you can control.

AI VIDEX knows the key parameters for AI/ML applications.

Artificial intelligence applied to retail, security, safety, and industrial application based on video analysis. Abnormal failure detection, face recognition, perimeter protection, object recognition, smart video conference, etc. These applications are just a few examples of all that can be done using artificial intelligence.

We take care of training, optimization, and inferring the right algorithm or the neural network in the most suitable device.

Face Recognition

An AI Solution for all use case.

AI VIDEX has highly skilled and experienced staff in Video Processing and Artificial Intelligence

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