Video Experts

How can we help you?

AI VIDEX is focused on ensuring all your needs are met. We will provide you with the best solution in terms of quality and price.

We are experts in digital video processing and artificial intelligence systems. Our knowledge allows us to help you in several fields:

  • Video/Audio processing, analysis, compression, and transmission.
  • Developing, testing, and integrating high-speed digital designs and communications on FPGA platforms and heterogeneous multiprocessor/GPU architectures.
  • Artificial intelligence being applied on low-cost and low-power edge devices.
  • Hardware design, prototyping, and integration.

Video Processing

Optimize the available bandwidth for video transmissions, targeting high compression data rates without a visual quality loss.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the advances that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made in recent years, we can add the impressive ability to perform unimaginable tasks to your system.

FPGA firmware

Exploits the advantages offered by FPGA in terms of low latency, low power consumption, high performance and flexibility.

Validate the HW design quickly thanks to the formal verification offered by our firmware.

Testbenches based on System Verilog and UVM.

We implement firmware for any type of application.

Hardware design

We help startups develop their MVPs by designing both the hardware and firmware.

We help consolidated companies to accelerate their projects thanks to our experience in the design of complex boards with different technologies and materials.

High-speed PCB design oriented to obtain the best results in terms of signal integrity and power consumption optimization

Embedded Systems

Get high-performance, low-latency communication, low power, and flexibility using FPGA.

Reduce time to market thanks to our expertise in implementing embedded systems based on hybrid architectures (DSP, uP, GPU, or/and FPGA).


We will help you master Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Become a video processing expert.

Master the tools and design methodologies to shorten your FPGA development time.

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