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Nowadays, HEVC aka H.265, VVC or AV1 are cutting-edge technologies that are attracting much attention in the world of digital video compression.

The next-generation video compression standards greatly reduce the bitrate compared to previous standards. However, it requires a big computational effort, high power consumption, and consequently, a high economic cost to meet the real-time constraints of the high definition (HD) and ultra-high definition (UHD) television resolutions.

AI VIDEX help you to provide the best-in-class quality video solutions using low-cost and low-power devices.

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You need to differentiate your products from your competitors. Compression efficiency, as well as video quality, directly depends on encoder implementation, so its design is a critical task.

We can help you designing, implementing, and testing video and audio compression real-time systems based on FPGA, DSP, GPU, ARM, and Intel microprocessors. Full project lifecycle from planning through to production transition.

Video codec design, development, and visual quality enhancement. We have published numerous academic papers on improving video compression efficiency.

We have wide experience in video pre/post-processing (scalers, color space conversion, chroma resampling, alpha blending, filters to enhance visual quality, etc).

Subjective and objective video quality assessment.

Open-source multimedia frameworks such as GStreamer or FFmpeg.


Improves compression efficiency by analyzing the input image.

Texture analysis, face or object detection, and other techniques can be used to enhance the visual quality of your system.

Artificial intelligence focused on retail, security, safety, and industrial applications based on video analysis. Abnormal failure detection, face recognition, perimeter protection, object recognition, smart video conference, etc. These applications are just a few examples of all that can be done using artificial intelligence.

Video pre/post-processing.