Hardware Design

High-performance designs

The AI VIDEX hardware design team is composed of engineers with extensive professional experience in complex systems for the aerospace and broadcast TV markets.

Due to our experience in high-speed systems, we are able to provide the best signal and power integrity results in our designs.

We have extensive knowledge of the entire design cycle, from the capture of requirements and conception of the design to the production of the equipment, after passing the different phases of prototyping and the corresponding certification tests.

We offer a complete solution: hardware design, firmware, and implementation of the required drivers. We adapt completely to the customer’s needs to ensure the success of the project.

From simple to complex designs, following a strict engineering process, we ensure that specifications are met within budget and time schedule.

Diseño hardware de sistemas de altas prestaciones


Schematic capture and PCB layout.

We ensure the best results in terms of signal integrity and power consumption in our high-speed cards.

Design of complex boards with different materials and technologies (HDI via, buried via).

Multi-layer PCB design (> 20 layers).

Extensive experience in designs using different devices: FPGA, microprocessors, and microcontrollers.

Designs with different types of interfaces: PCIe, USB, SDI 12G/6G, LVDS, DDR2/3/4, ARINC818, fiber optics, video, audio, etc.

Prototyping and integration.

AI VIDEX has extensive experience in the hardware design of high-performance systems.

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